Oscillator app

This is a fun little app I found . Runs two patches ( A and B ) simultaneously. With a noise gen also 

Minor Assignment Video and Explanation

If Only These Floors Could Talk
– This idea came from a simple concept of trapped sound. What happens when a sound is captured but can’t escape it’s captor. To simulate this notion I placed a tiny condenser mic inside a wooden box. I used two black shoes to bang on the box to make sound , in a way it was acting as a drum. The mic ran through a series of guitar pedals: delay, chorus and distortion/overdrive. These effects let me manipulate the signal and translate it’s conceived existence as a trapped sound. The signal was then amplified and sent to a veiled subwoofer. I wanted the sound to seem as it was coming from the box, it’s place of birth, life and death. I Intended it to be loud which only added to the holistic experience the lead light behind me was helping to create . This piece deals with memory and what that means to an object. This is where the shoes become significant. When floorboards are walked upon does this leave a memory in the wood or the paint or varnish? The memory is in the physical object, we know this from the marks and wears on our floors. The real question is If sound is a product of physical movement then is the sound remembered in the wood? The marks and wears can only act as totems for the past sounds, records of what has come and gone. If there is a way that memory of sound in objects could be revisited without recordings we would have some more work to do. Until then I’ll continue in my attempts at interpretation.



The sound of this is very interesting. The Echo and distortion on vagas vocals and the clang of the drum machine produces a hypnotic kind of chaos. these guys were obviously a duo with albums and stuff but their work was very performance based and very artistic . Vagas is a sculptor #funfact. The quality of the recording effects the perception of what’s going on , if only in a good way.

Outboard in

Spent a day in the studio with friends FLOWERTRUCK. The guy they’re recording with has a serious collection of outboard consoles. The patchbay in the top corner I find interesting as a crossing of information. Like some American highway spaghetti junction. Every path has an important or unimportant storyline